From the incept, IMAGINE was created to offer, in Africa itself, initial, improvement and mentor training opportunities regarding every trade linked to cinema, TV and multimedia.

A particular effort was put on training playwrights, writers and scriptwriters because every cinema or TV movie, documentary or fiction, always begins with a well written story.

Training for passionate, creative and efficient producers also constitutes one of our priorities because we need inspired managers to mobilize talented creators and technicians around a project.

Creative and technical collaborators (DOP, camerapersons, sound engineers, music composers, set designers, costume designers, make-up artists, editors, actors, distributors and exhibitors) are trained in the perspective of giving them an opportunity to take part in the birth of a new wave of professionals full of inspiration, innovation, inventiveness, sensitivity and rigor  in every aspect of the trade.

Every training is conducted through workshops and professional panels, no mentors are working permanently in the Institute. The patronage of some great playwrights, writers, scriptwriters and university scholars, DOP, actors, set designers, music composers, producers, film critics worldwide renown can be sollicited to help fulfill the needs and the organized sessions.

The usual teaching languages are French, English and Portuguese. Mentors and students must perfectly master one of these three languages and sufficiently understand at least one of the other two.

During special sessions, storytellers using Arabic, Bambara, Haussa, Mooré, Fulfulde, Swahili, Yoruba, Zulu, etc… can be invited. The input of African languages is essential because there is inestimable wealth of heritage of great traditional stories which need to be transcribed, translated, studied, analyzed and popularized.

IMAGINE wants to be a place for transmitting knowledge and know-how as well as communicating the art of tales and storytelling, a place for forming and stimulating talents.

It is a learning place where masters teach their art to handpicked students amongst whom a few will become “knowledge mentors” in order to increase the trend and for to other “Imagine” to be born elsewhere, in Africa but also other continents.

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