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The Buud Yam database consists of 172 audiovisual archives of the history and culture of Burkina Faso from 1944 to date.

          “In mooré, each of these two words covers a wide array of deeply rooted meanings of the Moosé’s culture.

          The word buud is the syncopate form of the word buudu that is used in reference to refer to specific ancestry and descent, the same word is equally used to designate the selected seed which is sawn to generate a specific vegetal specie. This word carries a genetical dimension and, as a consequence, also refers to heritage and legacy as well as belonging.

          The word yam, refers to the spirit and the soul, to the intelligence and the consciousness of beeing, to knowledge and humility, to the perception of the world and the quest for humanity. Every human being, wherever he comes from, should be concerned about who he is, where he is coming from and where he is going. This is what determines the value of an individual who therefore deserves consideration.

          Those two words, when they are together, reciprocally amplify their original meanings, highlighting each other in a dynamic quest for memory, identity, self-construction and heritage consumption, turning thus into legacy.

          Absorption, internalization, immersion, heritage, initiation journey, individual construction, memory and crave for belonging, recognition of self and the others.”

Gaston JM Kaboré

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