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Our Memory Camps

The Memory Camp is an audiovisual archive communication and promotion activity destined, on the one hand, to offer the Burkinabè youth the possibility of having an overview of the history of their country and, on the other hand, to sensitize them on the importance of preserving their assets in terms of audiovisual knowledge.

This activity consists in inviting, pupils and/or students groups from 15 to 30 persons maximum over a period of two days to attend:

–         two presentations on the subject of archives preservation;

–         Three initiation workshops on the digital recording of audiovisual documents (pictures videos,           sounds);

–         One learning workshop on research techniques using an audiovisual database

–         To consult the “Buud Yam” database

–         The screenings of films of thematic links with history, imagination, non-material patrimony and            memory preservation, followed by debates.


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