The Institute Imagine continuous trainings are dedicated to three type of audiences:

–          Level 1 : young talents starting their career

–          Level 2 : confirmed professionals

–          Level 3:  experimented professionals wishing to become mentors

Level 1 :

 Level 1 trainings are aimed at young  beginners who wish to consolidate their technical knowledges and specific practices  they could acquire on the ground.

This kind of consolidatinon workshops lasts 6 weeks and are mentored by experienced

and enthousiastic professionals who will transmit to future professionals the tools of the trade  but also the love for hard work, creativity and risk.

In general, those Level 1 workshops accomodate young women and men of  18-25 years.

Level 2 :

Level 2 is dedicated to already experienced professionals who are seeking improvement in specific field or equipment.

Perfecting workshops require at least 5 years of professional experience.

The applicants must send proof of their effective work as well as a detailed technical dossier including an extremely precise description of their expectations  in terms of theorical and technical mastery of their domain of work.

It consists in a master classes cycle conducted by internationally recognized “Masters”  who will use their own work to explain their approach and their creative and artistic choices, their technical bias and the constraints they often had to overcome in order to to express  what they had in their mind and guts, in their heart and soul.

These “master classes” are really sharp and very practical, adding the expression of emotions, the masters detailing their methods and tricks, unveiling their doubts, their trials and errors, testifying about their inner needs and wants.

Level 3 :

Level 3 is about training mentors.

As the name indicates, these workshops  aimed at giving to confirmed professionals, with talent and fully aware, the pedagogical tools and at developing their aptitudes to become “transmitters of knowledge and know-how” to enhance the possibilities of organizing highly professional quality training sessions in different countries.

Selection for this Level 3 is really tight because of the competences, responsibility, moral, ethic and professional approach involved.

There is no need to have taken part in Level 2 sessions at IMAGINE in order to access Level 3 trainings and this is also not a sufficient condition.

The teaching is done by selected professionals regarding, on the one hand, the diversity and quality of their personal work, on the other hand, to their particular aptitude to communicate and pass on their technical, human and creative capital of experiences, accumulated during their career no matter how long or rapid it was.

Mentors at this level must have, beyond their technical competency and undisputable professionalism, a personal thinking and speech concerning their field of work as well as regarding  their relation to artistic and creative approach in general.

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