IMAGINE was set up to provide a full range of training capabilities within Africa. It also aims to provide training in all activities related to the cinema, television and multimedia industries. Special emphasis will be placed on the training of playwrights, writers and scriptwriters, because any theatre or television film, whether fiction or non-fiction, starts with a well written story. Another priority will be to train keen, creative and efficient producers, since we need inspired entrepreneurs with the ability to bring together talented creators and technicians around a project. The institute will train creative and technical staff (directors of photography, cameramen, sound engineers, sound designers, composers, set designers, wardrobe masters/mistresses, make-up artists, film editors, actors, promoters and distributors) in order to contribute to the emergence of new trends that combine inspiration, innovation, investiveness, sensitivity and rigor in both their content and their form.

IMAGINE aims to pass on knowledge and know-how, to convey the art of inventing and telling stories, and to foster and stimulate talent.

It is a place of learning where teachers will pass on their art to carefully selected students. A small number of these students will in their turn become “knowledge communicators”. This will increase the general momentum and so lead to the creation of other “IMAGINE” institutes in Africa and on other continents.


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